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5/12/22 • New album Moving Parts released by Lakeshore Rush, includes my composition Blurred

4/25/22 • North premiere by the GVSU Wind Symphony, Kevin Tutt, conductor

2/13/22 • Guest interview on the 1-Track Podcast, hosted by Anthony Joseph Lanman

1/14/22 • New Album Vent released from Jeffrey Heisler, includes my composition Simple Lines

5/26/21 • Virtual performance of my work Simple Lines by the all-star electric guitar ensemble Another Night On Earth

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July 29, 2022
Simple Lines
César Colmenares
Music School of Delaware
Wilmington, Delaware

July 16, 2022
Far Away
GVSU New Music Ensemble
Rayback Collective
Boulder, Colorado

July 15, 2022
Far Away
GVSU New Music Ensemble
Dinosaur National Monument
Quarry Exhibit Hall
Jensen, Utah

July 14, 2022
Far Away
GVSU New Music Ensemble
Bristlecone General Store
Baker, Nevada