Simple Lines (tuba edition) (2006/20)
three performance options:
1. solo tuba and stereo playback
2. tuba ensemble (8 parts)
3. Any combination of live parts above plus stereo playback
$45, electronic delivery
• duration: 6:20
• score/parts/stereo backing track

For all versions, you can either have the tubist record parts 2-8 or use the tracks recorded and performed by Paul Carlson.

When I was ten years old I came across my father’s old high school cornet, which started me on the musical path I still follow today. While the contemporary music scene puzzled him, in his own quiet way my dad was always supportive. In 2005 he passed away at the age of 64 due to complications from cancer. Shortly after, as I reflected on his life, I composed Simple Lines.

Paul Carlson

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